Artwalk Cuir - Tote bag

Artwalk Cuir

A central theme for Fall 2015, the Memphis print inspires the Artwalk Cuir collection with a combination of art and design. Each bag is like a "blank canvas," featuring a kaleidoscope of colors and materials in a spectacular Eighties-inspired patchwork design. Each design is treated like a work of art, with every detail accentuating the geometric shape for an eyecatching effect.

Artwalk Jacquard - Tote bag

Artwalk Jacquard

A central theme for Fall 2015, the Eighties-inspired "Memphis" print brings forth the Artwalk Jacquard collection. Bold designs and pastels come together in a contrasting style that emphasizes vibrant colors. An homage to art and design for an elegant and fashionable look.

Boxford - Document holder


Boxford is an elegant, simple and distinctive two-tone collection that is emblematic of Longchamp. Boxford offers a complete and stylish business look, with briefcases and luggage to match.

Honoré 404 - Small Handbag

Honoré 404

Paying homage to the legendary Rue Saint Honoré in Paris, the Honoré 404 collection from Longchamp emphasizes contemporary simplicity. With its minimal, timeless design and smooth, structured leather, the Honoré 404 is suitable luxury for any stylish occasion.

Kate Moss for Longchamp - Duffle bag

Kate Moss for Longchamp

The Kate Moss for Longchamp collection is as timeless as it is contemporary, with the iconic Gloucester bag and collection of matching leather accessories.

Le Foulonné - Handbag

Le Foulonné

Le Foulonne is a signature Longchamp collection, which goes through an invigorating color refresh and design update every season. The women's handbags are elegant and everyday accessories that can accompany you wherever you go. A casual chic look down to the smallest details.

Le Foulonné - Business - Tote bag

Le Foulonné - Business

Le Foulonne is a signature Longchamp collection, which goes through an invigorating color refresh and design update every season. It offers a wide range of bags both robust and flexible as stylish as practical: there is something for everyone.

Le Foulonné City - Medium tote bag

Le Foulonné City

With Le Foulonné City, Longchamp puts the legendary leather of Le Foulonné back in the spotlight with a new streamcollectiond silhouette. Available in several different sizes, Le Foulonné City showcases a minimalist design with a striking contrast: timeless colors on the outside and brightly colored leather on the inside. A new twist on a timeless collection.

Le Pliage - Small handbag

Le Pliage

The Le Pliage bag is inspired by the Japanese art of origami. Simple yet ingenious, it has become a classic around the world. The Le Pliage line comes in many different shapes and sizes, offered in more than 12 colors each season. Perfect for everyday use, Le Pliage is light as a feather, folds down into a the size of a notebook and is sturdy enough to keep all your essentials close at hand.

Le Pliage Artwalk - Medium handbag

Le Pliage Artwalk

Le Pliage bags team up with the Le Pliage Artwalk collection to feature the key print for Fall 2015: an abstract, puzzle-like take on shapes and colors. Intertwining geometric lines merge with bold black and white for a sophisticated design and 3D effect.

Le Pliage Cuir - Handbag

Le Pliage Cuir

Le Pliage Cuir reflects the signature design that made the original Le Pliage collection famous: a stunning palette of colors and an ingenious foldable silhouette, as even the leather bag folds up. Flexible and durable, Le Pliage Cuir can be carried in different ways, to create your very own look, whether it be for work, play, or the weekend!

Le Pliage Héritage - Small handbag

Le Pliage Héritage

The Le Pliage Héritage collection pays homage to Longchamp's leather craftsmanship and expertise. Each emblematic detail of the Le Pliage collection makes it an instant classic. Contrasting trims, a structured silhouette, and gold finishes enhance the elegant and timeless style of this sophisticated collection.

Le Pliage Héritage Luxe - Small handbag

Le Pliage Héritage Luxe

A true must-have handbag with its timeless designs and sophisticated look, Le Pliage Héritage Luxe is as eye-catching as it is elegant. Bold patterns and luxe materials enhance a classic. Craftsmanship meets imagination to create this exceptional collection.

Le Pliage Héritage Tricolore - Small handbag

Le Pliage Héritage Tricolore

The Le Pliage Heritage Tricolore collection adds a new twist to the original Le Pliage Héritage with a spectacular combination of cheerful and vibrant colors. A striking mix and match design to rid of winter blues and capture current trends.

Le Pliage Néo - Handbag

Le Pliage Néo

Le Pliage Néo reinvents the classic Le Pliage collection in a smarter and more contemporary design. New, high tech details give the collection a modern and trendy feel. Fashionable, urban, practical, and spacious, Le Pliage Néo handbags are perfect for women on the go.

Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie - Handbag

Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie

The Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie collection features two captivating and contrasting prints that defy convention. Animal inspired geometric shapes cross with a camouflage motif and a pattern that resembles cells viewed through a microscope, resulting in an abstract collection open to interpretation.

Le Pliage « Miaou » - Handbag

Le Pliage « Miaou »

Longchamp is flexing its claws with a new and playful version of the legendary Le Pliage bag. Combining a cartoon design with charming character, Le Pliage "Miaow" is available in several sizes and is sure to become a firm favorite.

Longchamp 2.0 - Handbag

Longchamp 2.0

Strike the perfect balance between professionalism and play with the Longchamp 2.0 collection, designed for the avant-garde professional on the go. Pops of color, and sublte gold detailing add a sophisticated feel to this collection of bags.

Longchamp 3D - Small tote bag

Longchamp 3D

The Longchamp 3D collection combines modernity with a tasteful, symmetrical shape. Its line of women's handbags puts an emphasis on a new dimension of style, resulting in a "3D" effect. Spacious and simple designs are enhanced by immaculate details and a luxe feel.

Longchamp 3D - Business - Hobo bag

Longchamp 3D - Business

The Longchamp 3D collection combines modernity with a tasteful, symmetrical design. Its line of bags puts an emphasis on a new dimension of style, resulting in a "3D" effect. Chic and simple designs are enhanced by immaculate details and a luxe feel.

Légende Club - Small handbag

Légende Club

Iconic and emblematic: there's no shortage of words to describe the Légende handbag. Since its launch in 2007, it has continued to reinvent itself and is now back with a bold new take as Légende Club! A glossy and irresistible design that epitomizes the ultimate Longchamp elegance.

Paris Rocks - Hobo bag

Paris Rocks

Easy to wear from day to night, the Paris Rocks collection consists of bags in modern, minimal styles with a vintage touch. A metal chain and eyelets accessorize each elegant style. The rock chic inspired collection perfectly combines fashion and practicality.

Paris Rocks Velours - Hobo bag

Paris Rocks Velours

Velour is back at the forefront of the fashion scene this season, adding a warm touch to winter style. With the Paris Rock Velours collection, Longchamp goes for an urban, boho look whilst retaining the essential glam-rock feel of the original Paris Rocks collection.

Parisis - Hobo bag


The Parisis collection offers a unique range of sleek and sophisticated men's bags. A discreetly embossed logo and timeless details lend elegance to this classic collection.

Pénélope - Tote bag


The Pénélope collection is the result of Longchamp expertise and a fusion of styles. Clean cut edges, a discreet logo, and timeless drawstring tassels all come together to create a perfect blend of chic and sporty design for a contemporary collection.

Quadri - handbag


Quadri is a distinctive collection that embodies classic and chic Parisian style. It features a "criss-cross" design on supple leather, for a signature Longchamp style. A line of everyday and elegant handbags.

Quadri Croco - Handbag

Quadri Croco

The Quadri Croco collection showcases a luxurious and exotic crocodile print stamped on the very finest of calfskin leather. A contemporary style with a wild twist.

Racing - Document holder


The Racing collection brings an energetic, timeless feel to men's bags. With a slightly minimalist look, this collection of document holders breaks all the rules of a classic men's collection. Despite its underlying simplicity, the Racing collection portrays a contemporary effect with its structured, graphic designs.

Roseau - Tote bag


The Roseau collection of handbags features simple silhouettes to delight the most elegant of women. Adorned with our signature bamboo closure, Roseau is a Longchamp icon that remains a must have from season to season.

Roseau Box - Medium tote bag

Roseau Box

The legendary Roseau reinvents itself with a glossy appearance for a standout collection as the Roseau Box. Structured and sophisticated, Roseau Box handbags put the emphasis on meticulous materials and elegant details. A chic, bold, and contemporary collection.

Roseau Croco - Tote bag

Roseau Croco

Featuring crocodile-effect cowhide, the Roseau Croco marks its bold and distinctive style with this collection of glamorous and exotic bags. A style that’s always on trend.

Roseau Héritage - Large tote bag

Roseau Héritage

Designed to mark Roseau's 20th anniversary, the Roseau Héritage collection offers a contemporary and timeless new twist on the traditional Roseau design. Minimal yet luxurious, this collection stands out with the signature Longchamp logo and bamboo detail. A sophisticated anniversary collection that only gets better with time.

Tweedy Plume - Handbag

Tweedy Plume

Once reserved only for extreme sports or severely cold weather, the puffer jacket has taken a new turn: the Tweedy Plume collection reinterprets this classic material on urban and elegant handbags.