Luxury brand

Longchamp, quality and creativity combined in a luxury brand
Internationally renowned for its accessories lines, the luxury brand Longchamp delights in playing with fashion and trends. Freedom, imagination and elegance make up the Longchamp philosophy. Sixty years of savoir-faire and insistence on quality have secured Longchamp’s position as a leading luxury brand even as the company offers innovative and fashion-forward products.
An internationally successful luxury brand
Longchamp is the French woman’s preferred luxury brand. While the brand’s sales are strongest in its home market, Longchamp has become popular all over the world. Europe, the Middle East and Africa represent 31% of sales, America 12% and Asia 22%. The secret of Longchamp’s success: superior quality and the exceptional feel of its fine leather products. Longchamp also sets fashion trends with accessory lines that are stylish and accessible.
Savoir-faire in service of creativity
Longchamp uses its savoir-faire to enhance all of its designs. The luxury brand takes the highest quality materials and enhances their impact with details and finishings that give them a distinctive personality. The bags in the Kate Moss for Longchamp line are adorned with nickel or antiqued bronze accessories. Python-patterned leather and a leopard print lining give the Gatsby bags their character. Calfskin in patent leather round out the Légende line. And last but not least, a Longchamp bag’s interior compartments are designed to give it ultimate functionality.
An artistic luxury brand
Playful and modern, the Longchamp luxury brand expresses its free spirit and a passion for the new through numerous artistic partnerships – an ideal occasion for fashion lovers to discover something different. The most recent Longchamp creation is Jeremy Scott’s Le Pliage® bag, “Greetings from Paradise”, a high-energy multicolored style launched in January 2012.
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